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Hidden Gem: Maritime Museum of Amelia Island

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

When we have visitors to our beautiful island come and do a guided kayak tour with us, they often ask us for suggestions on other activities to do while they are in town. One of the first ones we always suggest is the Maritime Museum of Amelia Island.

This place is absolutely FANTASTIC. If you are into pirates, maritime history, sunken treasure, or the treasure fleets of France and Spain in the earlier centuries, then for sure put this on your must-do list! This place is the real deal.

In addition to information on all kinds of plundering and pillaging by pirates throughout history, they have artifacts from actual ship wrecks and treasure found on Amelia Island. On their guided tours, you may also be fortunate enough to meet an actual treasure hunter or pirate! The history this museum shares as well as all of the amazing artifacts makes it worth so much more than the small admission fee they charge to help keep the museum running.

They also have a great gift shop with pirate garb (outfits) handmade by a local artisan. Need a metal detector to do your own treasure hunt on the beach? They can set you up with one of those, too.

The Maritime Museum does a great job of promoting the history and preservation of our beautiful Amelia Island. Make sure you don’t miss this hidden gem on your visit!

Maritime Museum of Amelia Island 115 South 2nd Street Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, FL 32034 Phone: (904) 277-1948

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