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Shark tooth hunting


Fun and educational for the whole family!  Let our guide introduce you to the fun and excitement of finding fossilized shark teeth on the beaches of Amelia.  This hunt for fossil treasures is geared toward beginners who have never found shark's teeth before or may not know what to look for. 

Your 2-hour guided adventure includes a short educational briefing on the types of shark teeth you may find, as well as some history of the prehistoric sharks in this area. 

You will also receive a laminated guide to keep, showing the different species of teeth you might find. Most of the teeth we will find will be of average size. While it is possible to find megalodon teeth on the beach, it is the rare exception rather than the rule. To find large megalodon teeth in this area, you really would have to go deep diving in the St. Mary's river, which has zero visibility and sharks! There are some brave adventurous folks who do this, and if you would like to purchase a megalodon tooth found right here in this area, check out Our friend Jason has fossil megalodon teeth for sale that he has found diving. 

What to Bring:

*Hat, sunglasses


*Bug Spray

*Beach shoes

*Towel, if needed

Cost of this tour:

Adults (10 and over)- $55 per person

Children under 10- Free

*All Shark Tooth Hunt

tours must have minimum 

of 2 adults

What's Included:

*Bottled water

*Laminated Tooth ID Guide

*Sifting tools/shovel

*Photos taken during tour

*Specimen Collection Container

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